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Dress Making & Wedding Alterations


Fitting Information

A minimum of 2 fittings are needed, one to pin your dress and one to try on after completed alterations. Up to 4 fittings may be needed for extensive custom work being done.

A typical first fitting appointment lasts an hour to 90 minutes. A final fitting typically takes 30 minutes. Additional fittings may be needed to tweak your dress after initial alterations are performed.

A 2-month minimum is needed to begin alterations. A rush fee will be incurred for less then 2 months lead time. Please schedule early as the calendar books up 1 -2 months in advance. 

What to Bring

For hems (skirt length) and bustles (party mode) please bring exact heel height being worn with your dress to all fittings. Shoe height will affect hem length and bustle placement. Please do not change your shoe height after your 1st fitting has taken place. Your hem and bustle might need to be redone and additional charges will be incurred.

For bodice/side take in nothing is typically needed. Most dresses have inserts already sewn in, but do not always give the support needed. Mensonique has a built-in bra option available, with quality inserts, that provide push up and support to reign in the girls.

Weight Fluctuations

Ack! I have gained weight, am losing weight or am pregnant.

Please communicate this with your seamstress and schedule ahead. You may need 2-4 fittings as your body is changing before your wear date. Alterations may begin on certain parts of the dress where your body is not changing and held off on others till closer to your wear date. This allows for better fit and accuracy for body weight/shape fluctuations.

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